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Hi, folks. Using latest Roon 2.0 (Build 1211) on Synology NAS.

Have a few albums in my library with George Gershwin as composer, for example:

Yet, when I click My Library → Composers on my Mac Roon Client (ver 2.0, Build 2011 as well), Gershwin does not show up. See the snapshot below, with Composers in alphabetical order by last name.

Also, searching for George Gershwin, the composer shows up, but none of my Gershwin Albums are listed.


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The default for My Library > Composers is to show only classical composers, do you have it that way?

However, Gershwin is not considered a classical composer:

No idea what might be causing this one, though. Can you show a screenshot of your search result screen please? It finds albums for me (and I don’t even have any in my library)’

Thanks @Suedkiez. When I click “Show all Composers”, Gershwin does appear on the list.

So, why there are no Albums listed under him?

Here is the result of the search for Gershwin:

See how it lists Popular?

Now, here is the continuation screen…

…shows “Appearances in my Library”, but no “From my library” section, listing Albums above, specifically:

So, can’t find those albums searching by composer - that is the problem.

Now, I just went and edited Gershwin to be Classical composer. The “Appearances in my Library” section is now replaced by “From my library” with all Albums that include Gershwin listed, including those above.

Thus, it seems Album search by Composer is only possible for Classical composers. Is it a bug? Shouldn’t one be able to find Albums for ANY composer if tracks for that composer are included in the Album?

Well you had two problems, Gershwin not showing in the composer view (solved) and the other behavior (unexplained). I see the same as you for him,

and I have 15 albums in the library where he is a composer. They do show up on Discography.

I checked some other composers and the Overview tab looks inconsistent. Among my classical composers, Beethoven, Mozart, Dvořák, and Rachmaninoff (for instance) do have “From my library” sections in my Overview tab, but John Cage does not although I also have albums in the library with him as a composer.

I don’t see a consistent difference with non-classical composers. Some non-classical composers with albums in my library have “From my library” sections in Overview and others don’t.

Sorry, I have no idea what causes this difference. I don’t use the Overview much because it’s, well, an overview of what Roon thinks is helpful. Usually I go straight to Discography. Maybe there are subtle differences in how the different people are credited on albums that have this effect on how Roon assembles the Overview

Don’t use Overview much either.

Again, my wish is to be able to find Albums and Tracks by Composer. Based on what you and I are seeing, it does seem inconsistent, so would be helpful for someone from Roon Development or Support to chime in and either acknowledge this as a bug and put on their plate to fix, or enlighten us as to what the expected behavior is.

If you set the Genre of the album to “Classical” the composer will show up in Roon regardless of the other settings.

I hear you, @Ludwig, however the albums above were marked Classical from the beginning, yet, would not show on the by-Composer search till I edited Gershwin to be Classical composer (which he was not in the beginning).

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