Composer links missing: Jethro Tull Album This Was

The 1987 and 2001 version of the album This Was by Jethro Tull misses composer links for the track (8) Cat’s Squirrel

The 2008 version Collector’s Edition misses composer links for (1-8) Cat’s Squirrel (Mono Mix), (1-11) So Much Trouble, (1-16) Love Story, (2-2) Some Day the Sun Won’t Shine, (2-7) It’s Breaking Me Up, (2-10) Round, (2-11) Love Story, (2-13) Sunshine Day, (2-15) Love Story

The 2018 version 50th Anniversary misses composer links for (1-8) Cat’s Squirrel, (1-10) Round, (1-11) Love Story, (1-12) A Christmas Song, (1-13) Serenade to a Cuckoo, (1-14) Someday the Sun Won’t Shine, (1-15) Move on Alone, (1-16) Ultimate Confusion and all 10 tracks on Disc 2

I’ve seen your previous posts, Ralf, and I feel your pain. I realized a while back that Roon does not “extend itself” when trying to recognize compositions (I’m primarily a classical guy). I used to have compositions unrecognized for the absence of a parenthetical, e.g., “…, for violin and orchestra” in the title (!) As you said, if it isn’t perfectly entered, Roon will reject it as unrecognizable.

So, I began the tedious (and seemingly needless) project of using a tagger and copying and pasting the exact/canonical names of all my tracks (a la Allmusic site) , using the WORK and PART tags where required. I also set my import preferences as follows:

Caution: changing any import preference will trigger a re-scan of your entire library, resulting in (perhaps) some unintended results.

Anyway, the above actions now result in near perfect recognition rates. And, I don’t have to play detective figuring out what went wrong and how to fix it, which seemed as much of a waste as typing correct tag data in the first place.

Anyway, FWIW. Cold comfort. Hang in there.

Yes, that would be a solution if I would start from fresh. I have edited lots of composers in the past 2 months and the option you show above is a global option, so would impact all albums. In that case, I fear that also my edits will be gone and the correct ones from the metadata services as well.

With the knowledge I have now, I would start the whole thing differently over all, but unfortunately I relied on metadata function too much.