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I am brand new to Roon (my new Meridian system is being installed tomorrow evening) and previously used Asset for which I used MP3Tag to manually tag all of my 20,000 or so tracks. It took me three years on and off so I don’t want to have to do it again! I have a classical collection of about 4,000 albums and previously browsed by Composer, then Album, then Tracks. The Roon composer window has a very incomplete showing of composer pictures which I find annoying more than helpful. Is there a way of showing an alphabetical composer list that has no photographs associated with it and then an Albums listing under each composer as opposed to merely tracks?


Very good idea and I support it - very useful.


This would be very useful


Another thing I’ve noticed. I have composers set to show as Last Name, First Name. The problem is, some of them show that way and some of them don’t. Short of going through my entire library and fixing them all manually, is there a foolproof way of globally setting this parameter as the Last Name setting in the Settings page doesn’t seem to work?

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In Album view, you can use the Focus tool to isolate albums by Composer, among many other things. Focus -> Composer gives a searchable list ranked according to the number of albums you have associated with each composer. I don’t think it can be set to list names alphabetically.

My library is mostly classical, and I’ve found this to be the most useful way to find albums by composer in Roon in its current form.


Composers -> focus -> inspector -> image count. Set to zero.
do the job?


Hey Alan – welcome! Lots of good ideas in this thread, but I’d recommend looking over this article as well.

Thanks for the idea Jesse. I’ll give it a bash.

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Hi Brian. I’m afraid that doesn’t work. All it does is remove the pictures, but all the placeholders are still there. I wanted a simple list of composers, A - Z without anything else.

A simple list can be obtained by selecting all the non-image composers and exporting as spreadsheet. This will now be outside of Roon though; don’t know if that’s important…

I have to export via my PC, my android tablet doesn’t support exporting, you may be luckier.


Thanks Brian, but the Excel idea’s not what I was after. I had hoped for something similar to Asset where I could browse the composer list and then see all the albums that exist under each one. However, because of the way I have tagged everything, I can do much the same under ‘Albums’ by using the A -Z bar at the bottom of the page or simply start typing the composer’s name and the list jumps to that part of my library. I do think though that Roon would be improved if you could browse albums by composer rather than have simply tracks show up when you do.