Composer Mendelssohn vs. Berlin Radio Chorus

Since the 2 recent updates some of my albums composed by Felix Mendelssohn are now linked to Berlin Radio Chorus as composer. But Berlin Radio Chorus is not flagged as classical composer (some weeks ago I had a similar issue with Dresden Kreuzchor instead). Maybe a reason could be that in my files the composer is Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and not just Felix Mendelssohn. Is there a simple way to correct this?

Probably a bad credit on MusicBrainz linking the two. It happens occasionally. I’ll take a look.

Yeah, bad credit. I’ve made an edit which is in the MusicBrainz queue for peer review.

@Thomas_Reimer The best thing you can do here is to wait until this is corrected and picked up by your Roon Core.

Thank you very much, Joel