Composer name transposed

It’s supposed to be George Michael

Hi @evand,

Can you share a screenshot of your file tags for this one?

I’m not home, but specifically checked and I don’t have any composer metadata for that album.

Thanks @evand — I’m not seeing this bad metadata on our end either at first glance. When possible, would you mind sharing this track with us so we can take a closer look?

Have sent you a pm link.

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Hi @evand,

I just imported this on my end, and it’s coming across correctly as George Michael.

I didn’t see any bad data on our end, but it’s possible that this was already corrected by our metadata providers when I looked and it just hadn’t made it’s way to your copy yet.

Let’s try this:

  1. Make a copy of this album outside of your library
  2. Delete the album in Roon
  3. Move the copy from step 1 into your Roon watched folder so it’s imported freshly

Let me know if you’re still seeing the same after this.

@dylan, rescanning the album makes no difference, neither does moving it to a folder outside Roon’s scope (I moved it to a subfolder named .z) and then running “Clean Up Library”. As soon as the album is reintroduced the same incorrect composer attribution is reintroduced.

If I were a betting man I’d posit that deleting an album doesn’t remove all object linkages created when an album is first ingested with the end result that they’re reused when an album makes a fresh appearance in the user’s database. I’d go on to posit that this is linked to the illicit artist, performer, composer objects that I’ve demonstrated Roon creates - these are bugs that need sorting, albeit I appreciate eliminating them is likely a complex undertaking.

In the meantime, one thing Roon could do to alleviate these issues is to enhance the “Clean Up Library” code to truly run the library through a deep cleanse, removing all objects not explicitly linked to something currently in the user’s library. One for @brian to consider?