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Is there a better way …

I tend to listen on an Album basis rather than a track basis so for me the logical way to find the music I want for Classical music is

Composer> Genre> Album >>> Tracks

When I select say Bach I get just an alphabetic list of tracks , in y case 1400 of them ( I have a Complete works of Bach Set in the library) This doesnt do a lot for me

Getting from here to an album seems rather hit & miss. I must be missing something.

What I am used to is the above , is there any way of filtering from the Composer main view to see albums split by genre

Am I missing something using Tags for example


There is a toggle switch between performer and composer on the composer page. I’m away from my Roon instance at the moment, but it is on the right hand side at the bottom of the top section that holds the composer picture.

Make sure it is set to “Composer”. Then you will see a list of works and you can drill down further.

Sometimes composers are (in my opinion wrongly) associated to albums as performers by Roons metadata and that leads to track and album entries on the composer page when toggled to “performer”

Hope this helps

Thanks Klaus

Just what I wanted , the next question is how do I get that stay as default, remove all reference to Beethoven as an “Artist” I guess , I’ll have a bash.

I cannot comprehend how any metedata source could have the Composer mixed up with the Artist , maybe we should have been treated to recordings of Beethoven himself


Just Trying it does much of what I want but I goto Beethoven, then select Concertos I see all of that Genre in the library

Is there anyway of holding the “Beethoven” first selection so I see only Beethoven Concertos ?

I see the Focus button allows me to ReSelect Beethoven which kinda works but is a bit clunky

Its the same as going Genre > Composer , bu the Genre selection page is a bit crowded to start from.


for some composers like Benjamin Britten or even Rachmaninov there will be performances from composers, though. But in general I think the composer view should be the default or at least “defaultable”

As for the metadata sources I’m just guessing that some sources did adhere to the concept of having composers as artists. Lots of people have adopted this too for their tagging strategy in order to allow for composer display on mobile devices, since those generally don’t display the composer tag.
To me that’s a relict from the past but it is around and it may take some time to vanish. In the meantime I am manually deleting composers from Roons artists and credits… :frowning:
Trouble is that in some cases they still show up, even with “prefer file” settings for album artists. They may come in disguised as “artist” instead od “album artist” or via some other path that I don’t know.

From the Focus pane (maybe start on the left with “Albums”), you can select Beethoven as the “Composer” and then also select “Concerto” as a sub-genre of “Classical” genre. Then, change the sort order to suit (by “Artist” or by “Album” for examaple). If this is a set of criteria that you might want to return to regularly, you can add a bookmark which will save all of this, including the sort order.

If you have lots of Beethoven concerto recordings, you can further filter by selecting recordings that have not been played in the last X months. Or, by selecting a range of recording dates (this is the “Year” selector on the Focus pane). These filters can be helpful for uncovering recordings hiding in the corners of a large collection.

Hi Nathan

Lots O’ Hidden goodies , I like the sub-genre bit , if I import all my genres as opposed to Roon ones this will be more refined

I have Classical then sub Genre , Symphonies, Concertos etc the further sub sub genres Piano Concertos , Violin Concertos etc

With the album view i get all my Beethoven Sonatas on one screen on my PC , it will be 2 or 3 on the iPad I use for control

Its a great start, any idea how i add a sub genre , I saw it today somewhere



I don’t know how to edit sub-genres as such (they are Roon added), but you can add any “Genre” you like, either editing the music files themselves, or simply adding Genre tags within the edit album GUI directly.

Thanks , I’ll try that


I have 83 Beethoven piano concerto recordings, 14 violin concerto (including one transcribed for piano and orchestra), and 5 Triple concertos. I need every technique available to make rational choices.

You sound a bit like me, I have about the same

It would be nice to have sub genre set by Piano concerto, Violin concerto etc to get more granularity.

Same rally with sonata, Piano, Violin, Cello etc

The smaller the set even at the expense on more clicks or taps would help.

I can’t find how to edit sub here’s. Ca n I even do it


As it stands, it doesn’t appear that there are “piano concerto,” “violin concerto,” etc., subgenres in Roon’s genre hierarchy, but there are still a couple of ways you could do this:

  1. Create your own Roon tags (hamburger menu > tags) for the concerto types you want.
  2. Use a third-party tag editor to embed “concerto type” subgenres in the track files as appropriate.

And you could always put in a feature request for granular concerto tags.