Composers credits doubled: why?

In roon 1.8 there is a problem with composers credits for classical albums.
In fact, under “credited on xxx” there are not only performers, but also composers.

but then the same composers are reported also in the “Composers on xxx” section:

this is illogical. besides, it make more difficult to read the real peroformers of an album. and this can get very very annoying for those compilation albums with many different composers…

I also find this very confusing. But more generally speaking, Roon often seems to have a hard time differentiating properly between Performers, Composers, Librettists etc. etc.

Classical music is definitely a little more complex than just Madonna :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Great album, btw.

I moved this to the support section as the Roon Software section is not monitored as much.