Composers in Focus

When using focus to select composers for example, can I sort the list alphabetically rather than by “most compositions”? It’s very hard to find lesser represented composers without this…

I’m not entirely sure I understand, but do you not see this dropdown?

Tap/click to choose a different option

Thanks, yes I do see that from the composer page, but it’s not an option from “Albums”. Guess I need to learn this new system

Sorry, I’m obviously still misunderstanding. That dropdown is on My Albums too. Which page are you looking at?

So in “My Albums” if I click “Focus” and “Composers”, it gives me a list which I can’t sort alphabetically. This makes it useless to me unless I know how many compositions every composer in my library has. Of course I can search in another way, ie by “My composers” but I just think it strange that they would cripple that search function.

Ahh, now I understand. Yes, no sort, although you can start typing the composer’s name in the little filter box.

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