Composers Nothing to Do with My music

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Use Roon with Tidal.Have 518 albums.It shows 2801 composers.Most have nothing to do with the albums that I have.Also say about 95% shown also have no picture.
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Is there away to remove composers ???

Sure, you can remove them on album level and/or track level for each album that has wrong entries. tedious process but I had to do many of these corrections in my library as well due to rotten metadata.

Can i just remove a composer in the composer section.

No, that page is compiled from the composers Roon finds in Albums.

The only thing you can change on the Composers page is to show classical composers only. Is your collection mostly classical?, then I would try if that improves the situation.

Page is a joke.500 albums with 2800 composers.A good percentage nothing to do with my library.Plus about 90% with no photo.No classical in library yet there are classiacl composers.

No fotos is normal. You have to add those yourself in most cases. But 2800 composers for 500 albums is definitely weird.

What sort of albums are these?

Mostly country and rock

even weirder… Iam no expert in those Genres. Can only imageine that Roon throws alsothe text writers, lyricyst and stuff in there…

It might help if you would post a few screen shots, explaining some of the oddities you see.

Well, that top line doesn’t seem too bad, MB and PB have written for country stars, JB is credited in a Terri Clarke album, and Beethoven’s work has turned up in prog rock before now.

Anyway, as @bbrip surmises, there may well be rotten metadata here which can be corrected.

Try clicking on the composers and seeing what albums, tracks or compositions you have that have them credited. Sometimes there is a rogue album or two (compilations perhaps) that has bad metadata and is polluting your listings.

well yes, but then the OP says he has no classical in his library but he has Beethoven showing up. That guy rocks for sure, but has he written Rock music ? or country? :cowboy_hat_face:

@Outlaw, As @brianw suggested, I’d try clicking on Beethoven and see whether something shows up as “in my library”. In that case you need to select that album(s) and check whether for some odd reason Mr. B. is on there and remove tose composer credits.

Or ignore the Composer page. Not sure what value this has for your genres… When I browse outside of Classical, I care about Albums and Artists, not so much composer.

NB: Check out for the type of “Roll over Beethoven”. etc tracks that might cause this.

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Well, sort of

That’s the sort of thing I had in mind. Composers have often used previous works.

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Yes, I am sure its one of those things. I would’nt have put Beethoven in the Composer Metadata for any of this but then we know Artificial Intelligence is much smarter than all of us :rofl:

No, but

  1. A band could have used one of his pieces in their music and he was credited.
  2. He could have a Soundtrack (which I think is the source of meta-data/radio issues), which mixes classical or classical based film cues with Rock music. As well as adds a ton of composer credits. (Heck, just The Bodyguard soundtrack with Whitney Houston give you 40 composer credits alone. So, wicked easy to add up to unexpected and unknown composers.

Heck, just adding the single “Hooked on Classics” album, by itself would add 77 composer credits.

Back to Beethoven, all you need is a Hard Rock album like Rainbow’s “Difficult to Cure” which uses a section of Beethoven’s “ode to joy”. ELP would net you Copeland and Mussorgsky, Yes Fragile would give you Brahms, Bolero and Bach credits are strewn through out ROCK albums.

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Hey @Rugby, @BrianW and @bbrip,

Thanks so much for sharing context on this and bringing different perspectives on the Composers view.

I was wondering @Outlaw have things changed since you first posted? Is there anything we can help with?

Sorry we’re getting in touch this late… :pleading_face:

Nothing changed here.Lot of composers with nothing to do with my music.Only about 25% showing pictures.Is there a way to remove composers ?

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