Composition button

typical situation:

tracks have a numbered button that opens various versions of the same composition.
when there is only one interpretations, the button is missing.
i find this behavior unwanted:
-a direct link to the composition page would be useful, even when there is only one version
-it can happen that there is anyway a [1] button for 1-version compositions. why sometimes yes and sometimes no??
-finally…i have dozens of tracks with no composition associated. these turn out to be mixes with track with composition associated and only one version. having always the [1] button would help in identify tracks with no composition.

clearly, it would be MUCH BETTER for every track to have a composition associated. even a track=composition if the composition is not present in roon database.


The link is still there in the 3 dot menu on the right. It’s only brought forward if there is information in the entry, be it further performances or simply composition date.

i know. but … as there is already a space in the UI for this button, that in my library is most of the times already taken buy various versions… i would find it usefull to have it always active, even for 1 performance with no data.
actually, i find it also graphically awful to have it only on some tracks…

the other reason, as i have written… is that the button is missing also for composition-less tracks.

Understood. Personally I never need that button except when there is information contained behind it. So for me it is totally logical that it’s only there when it serves a purpose. YMMV.

Graphically I can see your point, on the other hand, putting it on every track adds a lot to the screen, and removes the informative element of button there/not there indicating if there is information available. Again YMMV.