COMPOSITION editor in Roon

As there are “edit album” and " edit track" options I hope “edit composition” also becomes available one day, in which we can group several tracks into one work and then edit work/part name fields


yes please!

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Big one for me…+1

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+1 for me, too. The Knowledge Base advice to play with Work and Part tags (custom tags that have to be added, mind) isn’t terribly user friendly. Need to be able to point to a group of tracks in Roon and say “This is composition x by composer y” - end of story.


For a modest 20 euro, have look at MusiCHI Tagger

It allows composition lookup in its dB and editing of composition and movement with its MusiClean

I use it regularly to fix up rogue compositions

Roon doesn’t look as if it will support heavy tag editing thee are lots of alternatives

MusiCHI has a 30 day demo


I agree about using Musichi Tagger, and also that Roon has shown no interest in incorporating a tag editor. But the composition and movement values could be edited within Roon in a way that overrides the file tags (or absence of tags).

Roon should allow editing of any field that might be absent or incorrect in its metadata, or in the user’s tags. You can see this in album edit, where some fields like album title can be typed in. Unfortunately, Roon is inconsistent in how it treats these fields and in which ones it makes available to modify.

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Big tick from me too. Esp for non-classical tracks. I would love to be able to combine two tracks (as if a composition group) but also to be able to set a length of trim at both the start and the end of a track (to remove hidden tracks or just sound effects (a la Pink Floyd).


A big plus of an addition for me too.

Some of my albums aren’t grouping the tracks into compositions properly, even though I consistently fill the Composition field in the file metadata. Case in point this morning was Toccata 0502, the new Ponce orchestral album. Roon isn’t recognizing the 4 tracks of Chapultepec as a composition even though I’ve identified them as such. Same for the other compositions on this album.

I actually have and use Musichi Tagger but never used it to look up compositions. I’ll take a look. For Musichi in general I’ve found that its dB is sorely lacking entries for the composers in my collection, so I suspect this may be only a partial help. I doubt Musichi has heard of Ponce’s Chapultepec yet, and they seem either very slow or disinclined to add new stuff.

Just found this topic and want to add my voice to support a composition editor in Roon. I have multiple examples of this issue in my library, but the latest arose when adding 3 cds of the Guarneri Quartet’s recordings of Mozart’s six Viola Quintets. All rips were tagged using identical syntax, all 3 cds were immediately recognised by Roon, and all 6 compositions recognised as such except Quintet no. 2 k.406 on the vol. 2 cd, which is treated as individual tracks. Weird, irritating and the fixes I have read about so far seem far more trouble than the problem, which cannot be right.


Same. We want this.

And BTW… I edited an album in Yate, adding “Work Name” and “Movement Name”. However, Roon is stupid enough to not understand.

I am getting a bit fed-up with the Roon team and their lack of support or timeline for basic features we are asking.

Hah! Be prepared to get fed up often! Just because you ask for a feature, even a million times, does not mean you will ever get it.

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This is desperatly needed if Roon should be of any use to me. Otherwise I stick to MinimServer

Please can we have this. It would cut through so many issues.

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Strongly seconded.

+1 from me!

The trouble you have to go through now to make Roon recognise a composition or to correct a faulty association via WORK and PART (or MOVEMENT) file tags is simply too much for most users. Most users don’t even have a thorough knowledge of the intricacies of tagging anyway, so I guess a huge group of Roon clients would be very pleasantly surprised by the huge improvement in userfriendliness that would come with the requested new feature.
I for one have been using MediaMonkey very intensively on a day by day basis for at least a decade and done all my tagging in it. But MM does not support WORK, PART or MOVEMENT tags. So I use their Custom tags to store Composition and Movement. And then I’m forced to run a script in Picard to copy these tags to the WORK and MOVEMENT tags. And I can’t use the PART tag, because for some strange reason MM removes these tags anytime I use it to change some of the other tags. This is all just too bothersome!!!


Yeah, I want this.

Count me in, too!

I commented above about MusiCHI Tagger , does most things you need to do .

For example its Text Processing

it can be used to split Work and Part based on a delimiter say : or- etc , indeed any Character say a Bracket

It can add numbers to Parts either a 1. or I. II. etc , and can add a pre text say No.1 for multi part works

I suspect Roon will never become a Tag editor its not really their style but if you need to do sizable editing I can wholly recommend MusiCHI Tagger its 20 Euro !!

PS. I have no affiliation its just a great tool

1+ from my side

I don’t want to add/use the next tool (like MusiCHi tagger).

Why can’t we have a button “Group multi-part-composition” in the track editor below the existing “Group tracks”? And all would be fine & easy :slight_smile: