Composition Handling

Below is a situation I encounter often:

To my eye, these would qualify as a single composition: consistent work naming; same composer; same artist; consecutive tracks; consecutive movements; same performance; same opus; and complete set. And, the album is Roon IDed (XXth Century Italian Piano Music, Riccardo Sandiford).

How do I troubleshoot this using Roon? I’d rather solve this with one app rather than use a tagger, but DBPowerAmp is my choice.

Can you upload a complete screen shot of that screen please?

Here’s about 80% in two snaps:

Hope this helps.

I’m trying to work out where this metadata comes from. It looks like TiVo: but the track names are different. Have you edited them?

Anyway, the Allmusic website shows that the grouping is wrong there also, so it’s simply bad metadata.

(Note that for an identified album like this, the grouping into multi-part compositions comes from the server, and is not munged from the track names, like it is with unidentified albums.)

I think in this case you need to add WORK/PART tags to your files, and chose to use your file tags not Roon’s metadata server for the grouping. Let us know if you need help with that.

It might not be a bad idea to first reidentify to make sure you have the best possible from the Roon server. And possible also to revert your track name edits, if you indeed made them as I suspect.

Ah Ludwig, you provided insight for me. If an album remains unidentified, then grouping, if not linking, is possible via munging. However, if identified, the metadata is primary for better or worse.

And I only edited the composition name in an effort to get it recognized.

Never used WORK or Part tags before. I assume these are track level tags; the Part gets the movement name; the Work (identical across all parts) is the “4 Pieces” in this case. All correct?

Many thanks for your help.