Composition ID Problem on IDed Album

I imported Dukas: Orchestral Music and Piano Pieces into Roon (not from TIDAL), and, the good news is that the album was immediately IDed:

We have: album commentary; correct treatment of composer; only small spelling glitch on one of the artists; apparently complete credits; and art.

HOWEVER, and this is important for anyone tracking compositions, none of the works are IDed!! These are portfolio pieces in an otherwise well-IDed album. So, I think this is a bug.

Here is the ‘rest of the picture’:

As far as I know, the only fix is: to manually look up each work’s official title in Allmusic; copy it to either the WORK or TITLE tag depending on whether the work has one or multiple PARTS; rescan the album; and repeat as necessary. In this case, I happen to know that all WILL be IDed since I have other performances in my library.

But under typical situations, even this process is not assured of success. One may have to do the TIDAL trangulation trick (“the Triple T gambit”) to get Roon to recognize the composition. And even THEN it may only be successful if there is metadata to link to.

In short, about 15 minutes of manual intervention are required for a chance of success. It adds up.

Without these composition IDs this album will “disappear” amid thousands of other albums in my library. Without composition linkages, the primary value proposition of Roon cannot be realized.

I’m not sure I follow. Dukas is identified at top as composer, so no need for him to appear on track listings.

Do you mean that the second and third tracks should be grouped under “La Péri”?

And what do you mean by “disappear”? Something won’t be found in a search? If yes, what?

What makes you think that the compositions are not identified? Not all compositions, or performances of compositions, in our metadata have dates on them, or performance locations. And these don’t.

@joel - Are you sure that there are no dates associated with these compositions? They seem to be showing up here in my collection…

That’s peculiar; I swear I couldn’t find them when I checked. It’s possible that the metadata have changed in the interim, but unlikely.

Looking again, it’s clear that @John_V’s screenshots show French composition names, which we do not currently have in our metadata. This makes me suspect that Prefer File is being used for Multi-Part Composition Grouping either for this specific album, or globally. That’s worth checking.

Thanks @joel - but it’s interesting that Roon seems to know that the two instances of the same composition in my library (one with English and the other with the French title) are one and the same… Spooky…

Those are just the album titles Geoff. Both link to the same composition (in English) - i.e. the composition page that you have posted.

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