Composition "Mas que nada" not showing up

When I do a search on the composer “Jorge Ben” all his appearances on albums turns up.

Whatever I do, on the circled albums his famous composition “Mas que nada” will not show as a composition and is not grouped with the other versions of Mas que nada.

So only 4 out of 6 of the versions of Mas que nada are being recognised as compositions. @joel is there something I am doing wrong? I often have problems getting compositions recognised.

I think the exact logic behind recognition is being treated by Roon as valuable intellectual property, so they are , it seems, somewhat general in their answers.

In no particular order, I’d:

  1. Do a visual comparison, track tag by track tag, of a “good” composition and your errant ones. Are track titles, down to the inflection marks, identical? Composer identical? Primary artists identical? Any lack of equivalence on these items can affect the outcome. If you’re talking classical compositions, opus numbers are either a big plus or required, depending upon how many other items match up.
  2. Even if you think the Composer and PA tags are okay, remove them and add them right back. Why? Because on a rare few occasions, I’ve wound up with two copies of what seem to be the same artist. Or, maybe you’ve got a Brazil 66 and a Brazil '66.
    2a. Do the artists show as one string, eg “Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66”. Or are they two artists? Here, honest people will debate whether there is one artist or two here. It doesn’t really matter but know that “Sergio Mendes” will not be found equivalent to “Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66.” In other words, Roon will not parse Artist Names.
  3. Make sure there is equivalence between the Album Primary Artists and Track Primary Artists, i.e Brazil and Sergio.
  4. If you get here, things are bleak. You COULD try: finding and adding an album from TIDAL that has an identified Mas que nada. That should trigger a Roon rescanning that might identify the unidentified.
  5. Wait for what will surely be an improved tagging operation in the next update. In the meantime, swallow hard, and leave it be. Edits often make things worse.

Thanks John. I’ve pretty much tried all of that. I have also found in the past that deleting all the albums, flushing the library, and re-importing in a different order can do the trick. In this case that is 6! combinations. What I discovered when doing all of this is that on the Very Best of '66 Brasil only 3 out of the 16 compositions were id’d. So it isn’t just the track Mas que nada that is a problem. Any ideas @support that I could try?

Thanks for flagging us down here @tripleCrotchet, the insight is appreciated!

I am going to have our tech team do some testing to see what we come with on our end. Once testing has completed I will be sure to share the team’s thoughts/findings with you asap. Your patience is appreciated!