Composition Mismatches

I am not sure if this has been reported before but I have seen it a few time now. To reproduce.

If I choose a Composition say Bach Toccata BWV.911.

I go to the Composition View and Select Composer =“Bach” and Composition Filter By “911” I get the Correct Composition

I now go to that Composition and limit to the local Library I get 7 instances BUT there are in fact 9 (I have confirmed this by my legacy system too)

I go to the missing instance Album I see the exact same wording , showing 7 in the Local Library and 54 in Tidal

The one shown here is missing , if I navigate from this screen to the composition by clicking on the 7 Local Icon I get back to the Composition screen as before BUT the instance I navigated FROM is missing

The recordings in question is by Kenneth Gilbert and Friedrich Gulda there are even duplicates of the Gilbert recording in the local library.
Methinks a Bug ?

Any suggestions

How is your „Only Complete Recordings“ flag set? It‘s an known issue that Roon supresses certain albums in its counting if that is set to „yes“, even though those missing ones are also complete Recordings…

Spot On the switch was On , now I see multiple movements as Composition but I see them all, still wrong but for a different reason

The metadata was Cr*p, I set to prefer file and it shows more recordings still. A number of the Artists have duplicates scattered across dis sets