Composition missing


No recognition of those compositions from tidal, they are on AllMusic, but no luck in Roon. There’s for sure more version on tidal, it doesn’t show them here, normal ?

Suppose to see 12 compositions, base on tidal.


Hi @magagne,

We have some upcoming metadata service changes which we believe will help here. I can’t provide any specific timeframes, but this should be resolved in the future.

Hello @magagne, while we wait for Roon to resolve things, in cases like these, there is something you can do.

(The KB on editing is useful here)

First, try identifying the album explicitly. You might find a better match. (Though not this time - I tried)

Secondly, add Dvorak as a composer to your tracks - this is essential. This is sometimes enough, but I tried it and, this time, it wasn’t.

Thirdly, find another instance of the work in your library. Now go to the Compositions browser and find the problem composition plus another, recognised, one. Select both and merge.

This will do the job.

Thank you for those tricks… it now show composition under the right one…awesome community :sunglasses:

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