COMPOSITION/MOVEMENT tags not working correctly in a particular case

See the following foobar2000 screenshot of an album I imported into Roon:

Tracks 13-19 are three concertos with multiple movements, which I’d like to have reflected in Roon.

The album shows up in Roon as unidentified, which is fine, since I can use the COMPOSITION/MOVEMENT tags in these situations (which normally works great):

However, in Roon, the titles of the 2nd and 3rd concerto are shown as identical to the 1st concerto:

As you can see, the movement titles are displayed correctly.

I cannot find a way to have Roon correct this. I tried reimporting, changing the composition names, etc. Roon won’t pick it up as I expect.

Can anyone help?

I suspect Roon is confused by the work catalog format.

Are these works in allmusic? If so does their format differ? If so change to their format, temp out the folder, clean database, restore folder to do a clean install. Might help.

Thank you @Ludwig for your solution. I have followed your suggestion and it works.

The titles of the works are now, of course, the ones from allmusic. Which I don’t really like (they are not specifically piano concertos, but harpsichord concertos, or for keyboard in general), but it’s no big deal.