Composition Names Wrong and Sticky

Here is my Yate spreadsheet of the relevant tags for this Kazeluch album. Note there are four sonatas with similar names and a bit unusual notation:

Pay attention to track 4 and on. There the file name changes to “…no. 30”, then later 31 and 32. However, Roon’s display keeps the same composition name for all four sonatas. The Roon display follows:

Thus far I have 1)deleted and reimported the album, and 2) Preferred file titles and multigroup composition. Nothing moved the dial.

Is there just something stupid I’ve overlooked? Or is this more of an issue than first meets the eye? I can’t understand why it won’t behave. Please help.

If you play one of the affected tracks, does the now playing screen display the title as you wanted?

Why yes it does! Hadn’t noticed. In a way that makes it more curioser.

That is because Composition part names are always only Roon meta-data. To test, make that album, Unidentified, and you will see your Track Titles

Test fails.

Try it like Op. 30/2, Op. 30/3

Roon, here’s a test case where the works and parts have been entered in canonical form. The albums has been identified, unidentifed, and reidentified to no effect. While there are four different sonatas on the album, Roon calls them all Piano Sonata No. 29 in G major. The “now playing” text is correct but the album text is incorrect as are the metadata linkages.

Personally, I wonder whether the fact that there are two colons in the canonical title is confusing Roon, as opposed to the usual single colon used to separate WORK from PART.

Oh well, pursue it at your option.

The part names are correct. Its the three last WORK names that are incorrect. Album identification status does not change this.

Hi @John_V

Metadata on our end looks okay, but there might be a client-side issue occurring here. Would you kindly use this link to send us a copy of the album above? We’ll take a look on our side to see if we can spot the problem.


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