Composition not Filtering Properly

I Open Composition, Select Filter - Composer - Brahms, Form = Sonata and I get this result

Instrumentation shows 2 entries , Solo Keyboard & Mixed Duet so I assume if I filter = “Solo Keyboard” it should show me the Bottom 3 ONLY

Solo Does nothing as above , as soon as I enter K the list goes blank and I get the error “Try Removing some Focus Criteria”, removing the K reverts to the first list

Entering “Mixed” or even "M"blanks the list with the same error

Any IdeasMike

Thanks for reaching out, @Mike_O_Neill!

I’ve sent your report over to the technical team so they can investigate the behavior you’re seeing. I’ll be sure to update you as soon as I receive their feedback.


there is no logic, i suspect the filtration is being done on a Property in the Roon object model and not what is displayed

doesnt help the user if its not logical