Composition + Play causes Crash

  1. Starting in My Compositions screen
  2. Press Play (orShuffle)
  3. Instant crash of Roon with no message

I have a local library and Qobuz.

Initially I thought this was to do with using focus as well, but it crashes without introducing additional Focus steps.

This also happens if just restricted to the local library.

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I can confirm this bug

I have a local library and a Tidal subscription
My setup:
Core: Roon Rock running on Lenovo M90n
Client: MacOS Roon client running on an iMac

I should have given the details of my setup:

Roon ROCK on i7 8th gen NUC
Local library on Synology DS211j
Roon Remote on iPAD and iMAC

All LAN hardwired except iPAD

Yes, indeed. I had not done this before in 1.8, But when I press that play button in My Compostions, I also get an instant crash on my iPad Air.

@dylan, please.