Composition "Reason to believe"

There are 2 compositions “Reason to believe”, one by B.Springsteen and one by Tim Hardin. that are mixed up by roon

There’s NO WAY for me to correct this (I use WORK and COMPOSER tags). i’ve tried to rescan, re-identify the album, un-identify it… the Springsteen tracks are still associated to the wrong composition.

Have you tried to use ARTIST or ALBUMARTIST?

the album is identified.
But the track is associated to a wrong composition: something on which i (as user) i do not have any control

If you go to Settings>Library>Import settings, you should be able to specify whether to prefer file or Roon for various pieces of metadata.

No, you can’t. you can only control album and tracks metadata.
But you have NO CONTROL over composition and composition’d composer.
In this case, even if i unidentify the album (=no roon metadata for the album and the tracks), still the composition is assigned by roon… no mattar what i do in settings and file tags.