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Since build 913 (possibly also a build before) the count of recordings in track view is not being correctly reported. Also when an album is deleted, this count is not updated.

Below is one example of Mussorgsky ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ where I was doing some cleanup of worse quality albums. The number is still showing 15, but actual local recordings is now 8.

Have you tried “Settings/Library/Clean up library” as that might resolve things…?

My NAS is set to shut down for the night and auto start inthe morning. So this morning the count went down to yet again incorrect value 9.

When I switch to “Only complete recordings only”, the count is changed to value 7 on both screens. So in this case it is correct.

@PixelPopper , I did try the cleanup procedure now, but it has no impact.

Clutching at straws here but there any hidden albums or tracks causing inconsistencies?

Settings/general/show hidden tracks and albums

Just tested, but same result. Count of 9 in Album view, but 8 once in the recordings.

@ged_hickman1 any thoughts on this Ged it’s a tad strange…

One for @support I think.

@StefanK seems like it will be best to post a support request, responses can take a while so best submit the request sooner than later, unless you’re prepared to “live with the problem” of course.

good luck.

@PixelPopper , that is what I have done here already :wink:. This post is in the support section which is supposed to be monitored by @support. So I hope someone will be joining us here soon.

This is not the biggest issue in Roon, so I won’t be surprised if it will take some time.


You’re right of course, silly me :roll_eyes:, hope you get a resolution soon. :crossed_fingers:t4:

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