Composition Sort Order


When I select a Composition from the composition view and go to the detail, ie each recording of a specific composition

I would like to be able to sort by Artist .

I see


Which allows for Conductor but not Artist. In many cases of course there is no conductor, eg in solo piano works

The most logical display would be by Artist, it seems that By Album has that effect but its not obvious why

Eg I have 20 sets named Beethoven: Piano Sonatas or Beethoven: Complete Piano Sonatas etc that should be sorted by Artist not by Album Name

I would also like to see that selection stored somehow so that it always applies that sort



@Mike_O_Neill, thanks for the report. Moved the thread to the Feature Request section.



Thanks Ivan

There are a couple of other illogical sorts I have come across I’ll highlight them as i see em

One I can remember, if you select an Artist and then View All Albums you get a default sort of Sort By Artist , when it really should be Sort By Album Title (my opinion) . Certainly Artist does nothing and the sort looks to be random , note even alpha


If I sort a solo work on ensemble e.g. a Sonata I seem to get a sort on artists although it is not obvious why (there is no ensemble).

When I sort an accompanied work on ensemble, e,.g. a Concerto I seem to get a sort on ensemble. It is obvious why because there is an ensemble, it just doesn’t make any sense. I want a sort on the principle performer, the pianist for example.

There seems to be two ways to go here. The sort list could be extended to include artist, album artist, principle performer etc. etc. and all the other stuff in the roon meta-model. Or there might be a single “smart” option like “performer” that sorts depending on the form of the work.

I don’t know which is the way to go. On the one hand I don’t really like not understanding what is going on under the covers. On the other the reality is that I don’t understand what is going on under the covers. I still don’t understand what the distinction between an artist and a performer is for example.