Compositions don't display for one composer

Roon Core Machine


I’ve forgotten the specs. I assembled it myself from components per Roon suggestions. Intel processor, 256 GB SSD. Doubt if it’s pertinent for my problem.
Version 1.8 build 913

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Verizon FIOS router, Ethernet connection to Core

Connected Audio Devices

Sonos, 3 zones. No problem with sound.

Number of Tracks in Library

90,779 tracks

Description of Issue

I select Composers-> Shostakovich-> Compositions. It only shows one (1) composition. But if I select Compositions-> Focus-> Shostakovich, it shows 109 compositions.
I’ve spot checked other composers and have not found this same problem elsewhere; it seems specific to this one composer. I checked for merges from the Settings and nothing for Shostakovich is merged. At first I suspected there might be a Focus set somewhere but I can’t find anything. I tried changing various setting on the edit for this composer. Nothing affected it. I think this problem is relatively new because I have loaded new albums recently for this composer and usually check after the load. I can’t think of anything else. Suggestions?

Hey Stephen,

Sometimes, spelling can greatly impact the identification of composers / artists in Roon. Just to be sure we are talking about the same guy, this is “Dimitri Shostakovich” i can see from my lib.

Here is the linked valence page: Roon Valence (note the artist number)

Where is the artist number?

In the url: /artist/191:0:516228

This can’t be a misspelling – makes no sense and doesn’t fit the evidence. I get to the Shostakovich page just fine. It works fine on the Compositions listing directly, just not from the Composers listing. I standardize all composer spellings based on the Musichi app. And it was working fine before. This is recent.

Are you seeing the same photo as in my screen shot? if it is not too many trouble can you get a screen shot of your Shostakovich page? thx

If it is not spelling, then at least we ruled that out.

Ok, where do I see the url? On my roon I just see this:

The reason I ask is I often see duplicate artists but I never noticed an artist url before. Is there a configuration switch I must set?

Ahh! Found it. You got me pointed in the right direction. There were two Dmitri Shostakovich appearances in the Composers list, both spelled the same but one with “surname, firstname” and the other with “firstname surname”. The latter was caused by a single album with the reversed order. I fixed that, rescanned, and now it’s all ok.

Thanks for the second set of eyes.

@Yaohan is talking about looking at information in Valence via the web interface - the URLs are not (currently?) displayed in the Roon clients (and neither should they be IMO).

The ID is displayed in the Roon Valence page, NOT, in the Roon app itself. If you were to click on the “improve this photo” link in the bottom right corner of the pic, it would take you to Valence web page, where after you logged in, you can see the Artist’s Roon ID.

IMHO, having the artist ID referenced in the actual Roon app, would help users track down issues like Stephen’s.

Ok. Thanks. Now I see it. Hadn’t occurred to me that there was a link between the composer editor and the art director. But of course there must be.

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