Compositions not being recognised in Qobuz

@support I often get this with Qobuz. It is very common. No matter what I do a track cannot be recognized as a composition by roon. It doesn’t matter if it has a composer credit or the title is in canonical form, cut and paste from allmusic or musicbrainz etc. With this example of famous arias and duos by Vesselina Kasarova from Qobuz, absolutely none of the tracks are being recognized as compositions. None of the usual editing tricks like populating the WORK tag can be done either as with streaming content the editing options are much more limited in roon compared with local files.

Is there a pattern? Can anything be done?

There are other problems with this disk. For example the composition hierarchy for Don Carlo and Carmen is wrong but I guess that is related to the composition not being recognized in the first place.

Yes, I (and you) know the problem well.
In extremis, if the Qobuz track names are reasonable, you can try unidentifying the album, and adding the composer yourself. Roon may then identify the compositions.

PS should have mentioned - have you tried re-identifying with different version?

Yes, tried that.

Pretty much the only thing that I am finding that works is just un-identifying the album and reconstructing every piece of meta-data manually that is possible with the roon streaming editor. Must be a better way. Why can I get a composition identification if I un-identify the album but not if I identify the album? Means throwing out the roon meta-data baby with the bathwater. Wouldn’t be so bad if it was a rare problem but it is not. Very common I find.

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This is why I leave all my opera recording unidentified. That, and Roon does not do a good job of grouping and presenting the different acts.

But this is crazy. Roon really needs to do better or just accept there are not the meta-data standards in place to meet some very unrealistic claims with certain genres and just provide the same editing features for both local and streamed libraries. That would be very low-hanging fruit it seems to me that would make a big difference to those for whom meta-data is important and want to maintain hybrid local and streamed libraries.

The problem with the current situation I find is that when I un-identify a Qobuz album I loose all of the roon meta-data, so it is really starting from scratch. Often everything has then to be edited from an almost blank page. There is also no guarantee, for example, that WORK hierarchies will display properly anyway so then after a waste of effort I end up going back to the identified version as the best of a bad job. More and more I find myself simply deleting the Qobuz album and not bothering at all, especially if I already have a well formatted local version of the compositions. This just drives me directly to the Qobuz UI with certain composers and sub-genres/periods that roon handles badly and of course then increasingly I end up staying in the Qobuz UI environment.

If roon has reached diminishing returns with fixing streaming meta-data then I don’t know why roon simply does not provide some simple editing features for those who want to customize the remaining loose ends. In the absence of standards that is always going to be the case. For example, having access to the WORK field of a streamed composition would really solve a lot of problems.