Compositions not identified by composer

I am having a similar problem. It seems to be slightly random as only some works are affected. The Mozart Quartet is displaying correctly (I want to have the composer identified as part of the work’s name) but no matter what I do, I can’t get a similar result for the Haydn and the Beethoven.
The album is part of a box set “Lumieres - Music of the Enlightenment” from Harmonia Mundi.
I do note that Roon fails to identify the album and from Joel’s comment above, could that be the problem?
Roon core is running on a QNAP server.

Really liking 1.6 and am sure it will be even better as the minor wrinkles are tidied.

Can you give us more details on the track titles in the metadata of the files, and the exact import and track preference settings?

That might help identify what is happening in your scenario.


Hi Akimo

Thank you for your response

The album files have “Work” and “Part” tags applied. These have been confirmed by looking at the file properties in Windows. I have looked pretty carefully at the file names and tags to see if there are any differences among them but can’t see any.

As you can see from the screen shot, the Mozart quartet is displayed exactly as I want but the system doesn’t want to recognise the “Work” tag for the other two quartets. I have some other examples elsewhere of the same behaviour.

My Tags


Haydn - String Quartet in D minor op.76 no.2


As per the screen shot - as that is the correct description. However in testing this tag, any changes I make to the tag are immediately reflected in Roon. It is only the “WORK” tag that is being ignored.

General (default) library import settings

Composition/Part Grouping - “Prefer Roon”

Album Settings

Multi-Part Composition Grouping - “10 Tracks, 3 Performances”

(I presume this over-rides the default library import setting)

Metadata Preference – Multipart etc - "Prefer File"

I have tried “Revert Edits” to see whether that helped but to no avail.

Hope this helps.

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I’m afraid I don’t know what to try next. I think the roon support folks will have to examine this

Best of luck

Hi @Pieterv,

Unfortunately I believe this is just how roon works with identified, multi-part works. If you have identified the multi-part work, then roon will revert to it’s understanding of the “cannonical” title. You can find those on allmusic.

I don’t like to put the composer in the title but I also don’t want the title to be exactly the same everytime. Maybe it’s a Bach or Albeniz work that has been transcribed for Guitar, or a Mozart Flute Concerto that has been transcribed for Clarinet so I want to make edits to the title. On the other hand. A single part work or an unidentified work keeps your edit.

I have raised a feature request some time ago. I cannot remember where it is but if this is important to you, you might want to add to that.

From your screen shot, it looks like the Mozart work is unidentified (no links to your streaming service or other performances in your library). This would explain why you can edit it and not the Haydn and Beethoven works which are identified.

Also, from your screenshot you do not have a “Classical” genre showing. Roon treats “Classical” and “Jazz” differently from other top-level genres. So if you have the composer tag populated and a classical genre, roon will display the composer in a field separately from the title line. You may find if you do this then your reasons for wanting the composer in the title disappear, although I guess if you are used to sorting and searching that way you may still want it.

I don’t have your Jerusalem Quartet album but I have others with multiple composers and they look like this:

Thank you very much for your replies. Much appreciated that you took the time.
If, as it seems, this is the way that Roon works at the moment - not giving priority to user created tags, I guess we will just have to live with it in the meantime.
I had been using my own genre system (where Classical referred to the actual period) so thank you for the advice as to Roon’s treatment of the this genre. Changes are underway. :slight_smile:
I don’t usually include composer’s names in the WORK tag either but for this box set which takes examples from various composers, it seemed a reasonable way to be able to see at a glance who wrote the piece. The Classical genre certainly helps here.

I believe that Roon uses WORK (if present) to identify a composition, but it displays the TITLE.

Sometimes titles get so “sticky” that the only way to change them is to back out your album from the watch folder entirely, then clean your library, then put the album back in the watch folder.

I also think that if you leave the album unidentified by Roon, your WORK and PART tag contents will be used.

It is quite a “black box” operation to me.

I made the decision early on to always use the COMPOSER tag to identify the composer, and to use WORK and PART to input the exact canonical names. A lot of work, though.

Hi John

Thank you for your help in trying to understand what’s going on.
It certainly does seem to be a black box and I’ll have a bit of a play with it when I get some time. Luckily I’ve been using the COMPOSER tag right from the start - I’ve always used Media Monkey and dBPoweramp and now MP3Tag for fine tuning. And actually, it’s not the biggest deal. Roon deals really well with most things and I guess someday we’ll get the ability to individually name albums within box sets. That would really help in finding say, a Haydn symphony with using search.