Compositions not recognized on newly released album


Last Friday, Ives Complete Symphonies by Gustavo Dudamel & The LA Philharmonic was released. See link for details:

I’ve added the album on Tidal, but in Roon, none of the 4 symphonies were recognised as an individual compositions.

Is there a way to fix this by hand (for example, by assigning the individual movements of one symphony to an existing composition)?

Interesting - I’ve just added this from Qobuz, and the compositions are being recognised. Perhaps try a manual identification of the album in Roon to see if that helps?

Hi @Tom_Glorieux,

Adding this album to my library now from TIDAL, it appears that the compositions are recognized. It’s possible that you added this before we had all the data (since it was a new release). Now that we do have this data you should see this update in your library before long.

The album in my libarary looks the same as in the sreenshot of Geoff_Coupe

However, none of the symphonies are recognized as performances. For example, on this album, the performances are recognized (3 in my own libary, 8 on Tidal)

Ah - gotcha - even though the tracks on that Dudamel album have been grouped into the symphonies, the symphonies themselves are not recognised as compositions by Charles Ives.

@dylan - if I look at the Composer page for Charles Ives in my library, I’m not seeing these symphonies being listed, and they should be…

@dylan. @Tom_Glorieux - just to follow up on this issue. I noticed that the reason why this album was not being picked up and listed in the Compositions Browser or in the Composer browser under Charles Ives was a simple one: The album metadata on Qobuz (and presumably, Tidal) has no reference to a composer at all.

I first tried adding an Album Credit for Charles Ives, composer - but that didn’t seem to get assigned to all the works.

Selecting all the four symphonies, and then using the Track Editor to add a credit for Charles Ives, Composer has worked. The four symphonies are now recognised as compositions by Charles Ives:

Recognised as a composition, but not as one in Roon’s database.

I played around with this last night. Adding composer is not enough. Even changing track names doesn’t work.
What does work is find an identified symphony by Ives, adding it to your library, merging, and then deleting the ‘catalyst’.

One then ends up with


Here’s where I’ve fixed the first symphony…

I’ve done this many times…

So, still work to do by Roon Labs, then. Still, at least I have it accessible in my collection, albeit without all the extra material that would come by having it linked with the composition in Roon’s database…

It would be nice to have an identify composition feature, similar to albums.

…Here’s the title and composer, what have you got? I then choose.

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We checked again on this today and the metadata is looking pretty spot on now — Can you check again and see if it is looking better? Sometimes it can take a bit for new releases to fully update.

The compositions from Dudamel’s Ives Symphonies album are visible now under performances.

However, the same now happened with yesterday’s release of Franz Schmidt’s complete symphonies by Paavo Järvi & Frankfurt Radio Symphony orchestra.

When looking up the credits directly within the Tidal app, they seem to be very complete to me. Why doesn’t Roon look them up?