Compositions on a ripped CD won't "connect" to the same composition

I’m ripping the RCA Living Stereo Collection Vol. 2. It’s 60 CDs, none of which have any metadata. My procedure is to add the metadata - matching the exact title I find under Composers - Compositions in Roon. Typically, that works and the works on the newly ripped CD “connect” to other works Roon finds on Qubuz. But sometimes the two compositions won’t “connect” and nothing I try makes that happen.

As an example:

The Beethoven Trio, op. 9/2 won’t connect to other recording of that work, but the Bach Three-Part Invention, BWV 790 does.

This screen shot show that the newly ripped recording is shown separately from the other recording of the work.

Any ideas as to why this is happening and how I can merge these multiple listing of the same compositions. I have about 20 examples of this happening.

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