Compositions only?

Whenever searching for an artist, I find the artist I’m interested in, and I tap their name, and all I see is a big list of their compositions. No albums at all. This is new behavior controlling Roon from my iPad.

My library consists of Tidal and Qobuz…as well as a few hundred CD Rips

As a for instance, Bill Withers. Typing his name in search and then tapping on it gives me a bio, a list of related artists, and list of approximately 250 of his compositions but absolutely no albums by him

I’m running room 1.7 build 511 the core is on a MacBook Pro core i5 and I’m controlling it with a 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

This is pretty frustrating.

Thanks. Must be a glitch of some sort. I will try closing down the core and restarting it. The computer is downstairs so it’s a bit of a pain…. Thanks for the reply

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Try entering the IP Address of your Core in a browser. You should get a web interface from which you can restart the Core

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Hi @Doug_Hannah,

Can you share a screenshot of what you see on the Bill Withers page? Do you have compositions from Bill Withers already in your library?

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Is this the same bug as


Thanks! That’s one of those things I should have known but didn’t so I appreciate it

That’s EXACTLY what’s happening. Thanks. I tried searching the forums before posting but missed this.

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