Compositions recognized, but not included in local totals

Content you’re reporting an issue with

This is a qobuz downloaded album and it is correctly identified by roon.

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

No manual album modifications were done.

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

This is content from local files.

Screenshot of import settings

Description of the issue

Compositions are correctly identified, so I can check easily what other albums with compositions in this album I already have in my library.

However when I switch to see the album via compositions view, none of the compositions from this album are included.

As an example, in composition view for “Piano sonata No. 14 in C sharp minor (“Moonlight”) Op. 27/2” I get:
4 local recordings
but when I switch to album view within the composition I get 9 albums. This album is one of them.
So the issue is more widespread than just single album.

Looking at album and track credits, it looks ok. Beethoven is always listed as composer and Guy as artist.

Hi StefanK,

the following items are concerning your problem:

Short help:
Click on the number of your library entries and roon will change the view to the register “compositions”
On the right-hand side of the headline “All Recordings” (Alle Aufnahmen) you can see the dropdown list “Recordings by…” (Aufnahmen nach… ) Here you will find on the bottom a new and nice function in roon, whicht unfortunately does not work properly: “Only Complete recordings” (Nur vollständige Aufnahmen).
Please turn the status from “ON” to “OFF”. Then you should see all the numbered recordings of your library.

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Wow, thanks. I’ve not noticed this setting (really rather hidden).
Now I can see all the recordings, but on other hand it also pulls in all the partial ones (which can be handy in some situations).

This function ‘Only complete recordings’ is definitely not working very well.
I don’t see how in my case the composition can be any more complete (there are 3 parts in “Piano sonata No. 14 in C sharp minor (“Moonlight”) Op. 27/2” and the album mentioned has them all.

In total I got 9 albums with this composition:
4 - correctly identified as full recordings
1 - (this album) incorrectly identified as partial recording
4 - correctly identified as partial (they all contain only the first part of this composition)

Our recognition of complete performances is conservative–we deem them complete when we have data definitively telling us that they are complete, and if we are not sure, we treat it as a partial. The alternative is to err on the side of letting partial compositions in. If we were to swing that way, it would make this feature kind of useless.

There is no sure-fire way for us to detect completeness automatically. If you want to see everything and sort through it yourself, flip off the switch, otherwise enable the filter and be confident that what you are seeing is clean, if not everything.

Thanks for the explanation. Sure, I agree more conservative approach leads to less positives.
I think it would be great if roon users were able to mark compositions as complete/incomplete for their local content. Either just locally or also sharing it with other roon users (possibly with a voting approach like with the Art Director)

“we deem them complete when we have data definitively telling us that they are complete, and if we are not sure, we treat it as a partial”

May I give you an advice for better results of this new feature? :wink:
Turn arround your approach. If you are not definitively sure, that the recording is only a partial of a work, treat it as a complete composition.

The simpliest way is to use the average duration of a composition. Is the duration less than 75%, then the work is not complete.

Roon uses the metadata of AllMusic. Is that right? AllMusic offers the average duration for each work. Roon could use it

Alternatively roon could count and compare the number of movements.
Wonderful use cases for AI

Please have a look at this item:

… look for "some helpful suggestions:

To avoid ambiguity please call this function “Only complete compositions”. The purpose is to filter out excerpts of WORKS (Compositions), not recordings !

Please provide this function for the category “ALBUMS” too; and not only for “All Recordings”. This important function should not disappear, in no case.

Please do not hide this function at the very bottom of a small dropdown. Please show this functionality clearly and on a prominent place - immediately under the headline “Albums” / “ALL RECORDINGS” or much better: at the register “compositions” "

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