Compositions unknown

I started using Roon server software a few weeks ago in an attempt to manage my vast music collection (5000 albums in FLAC and FLAC 24Bit) and listen to my collection on a pair of B&W Formation speakers in a comfortable way. So far I am a happy customer, overall quite impressed with the software, but I still have a lot of editing to do in my Roon database.

Nevertheless I’m experiencing a quite cumbersome problem.
There seems to be an widely spread problem with the software not recognising quite a lot (!!) of tracks as a known composition. Especially in compilation albums (e.g. Ministry Of Sound) a lot of my tracks are not assigned to the corresponding composition (there’s no “go to composition” choice), while sometimes the very same track on a different compilation album is immediatley linked with the composition correctly.
In this way, I am losing a lot of the benefits of using such an extensive music server software by missing a lot of the different performances in my collection that should be linked with that specific composition.
Only when I search for the track in the “songs” tab of my Roon collection I get a list of the different performances of this very composition.

I do not seem to find a way by searching the Roon community, and it doesn’t seem to make any difference by changing metadata of the tracks (which are exactly the same for every performance).
Reanalyze or trying to re-identify the albums and tracks doesn’t work either.

Is there a way to attribute a new composition to an unidentified track, or even link an unidentified track to a specific composition? That should be a very basic task after all in an elaborate music server software like Roon…

I seem lost, and it’s frustrating after paying a premium price for the lifetime Roon subscription.

I’d appreciate some input from Roon support on this matter.

Thanks a lot in advance!!

Hi Bert,

This seems to be a duplicate post. So I am closing this one.