Compostition "Locomotive"

The compostition “Locomotive” in my library is completely mixed up.
In this album:
there is

it should be “Locomotive” by T. Monk.
It has been mixed up with
“Locomotive” by A. Rose & Slash

finally, there exist an album “Low Life” by Bill Laswell and Peter Brötzmann

with a track entitled “Locomotive”, but it’s the same Monk composition.
I cannot correct this in my library.
And i cannot really stand to see axl rose near thelonius.

It seems that the metadata are wrong in G&R album “use your illusion II”.

but the composition is the one above.
my files have no tags, so the error is in roon metadata.

i cannot stand axl rose mixed up with thelonious monk

the 2 compositions “Locomotive” have to be splitted. i cannot do it.

Besides, in the same GnR album the song

is mixed up with another jazz standard by Otto Harbach & Jerome Kern

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi — We’re going to look into this. We appreciate the report!

Hi @dylan
as you are looking into this, i also report the following album by Monk, Straight no chaser, containing the composition “Locomotive”:

the credits in are completely wrong. Compare

with the correct ones:,No_Chaser(Thelonious_Monk_album)

in allmusic look OK (but with a duplicated perfomer, larry gales and larry “lonnie” gales)

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi,

We’ve looked into this and the composers for Locomotive appear to be okay now.

Regarding the Straight, No Chaser album — The issue here is a bit more complex and we’ve created a ticket to investigate what we can do better here. I can’t promise and specific timelines but it’s something we’ll look into improving in the future.


The Locomotive composition problem is still there.
I’ve tried to re-identify all the corresponding albums.
Now, in the GnR album the track is reported to the correct composers,

BUT the link takes to the same mixed up composition

@support, problem is still there