Comprehensive malfunction

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus+ (new as of January 2) ethernet from Asus router

Networking Gear & Setup Details: Asus Zen wifi

Connected Audio Devices

Asus Zen Wifi router plus Node

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet connecting Asus router via switch to Nucleus+ and NAD M50.2

Connected Audio Devices

NAD M50.2 music server connected via ethernet.

Number of Tracks in Library. appox. 16,000

. appox. 16,000 tracks

Description of Issue

My Nucleus+ communicates only sporadically with my NAD 50.2
Lost functionality includes: ability to backup to the NAD’s music files; frequently getting “Missing Core” messages; only about one third of my music files are accessible at the moment.

I just subscribed to Qobuz, which was working flawlessly until yesterday.

I have consulted the Roon Community site where I read accounts of problems regarding difficulties with the M.2 drive. Possibly relevant?

I opted to purchase the Nucleus+ with a factory installed 4TB ssd.

I also connected my MacBook Pro to the Nucleus+ via HDMI which revealed nothing (the Nucleus+ did not appear to be recognized by the MBPro).

I spent a good portion of January grappling with a storage issue, which was a little disappointing as I had decided to buy the Nucleus+ on the strength of Roon’s claims of reliability. I’m a Roon “Lifer”, so to speak, but my post-purchaser return period for the Nucleus+ ends March 2.

Hi David,
Fellow user here.
In order to diagnose your problem it’s likely support will ask you to fill out the template completely, particularly Description Of Issue, describing what’s happening and noting any error messages you might be seeing.
Doing so now will probably result in a speedier resolution.

Thanks Jeff. -David

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Hello again Jeff,
I discovered the source of the problems-- a loose AC plug in the rear of my power PS Audio power conditioner. Everything’s working great now.

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