Compromised Password on Chrome

Chrome is telling me that my Roon password is compromised and should be changed “to keep my account safe”. I’m wondering the following:

  1. Is this real? It is showing up within my Chrome/Settings/Passwords. I guess yes. How did this likely happen?

  2. I don’t see how to change my password when logged into this website (roon community) within my account settings. How do I do it?

  3. Is it going to affect all my devices - controllers where I have the roon app installed, NUC computer? Can I change the password on the NUC using my ipad, or do I need to access the NUC directly?

Thanks, Peter

This sounds very dodgy. Tagging @accounts @noris

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Hey @Peter_Schwartzman, this is a security feature built into Chrome – it checks your email against compromised emails from large data breaches, and warns you if your credentials are compromised.

Go ahead and reset your Roon password here, and be sure to reset your passwords for any other accounts using that email address!

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