Compute requirements


Planning to buy a new computer. I would like to run HQPlayer DSD 512 Sinc-L.

Would a new iMac i7 10th generation be enough or should think on a i9? Also considering a Ryzen 9 3900X but would prefer to stick with Mac.

Also, any views on Apple Silicon?

Any thoughts? Could even a i5 10th gen make it?

I would say DSD512 with sinc-L means you’ll need Nvidia GPU with at least 16 GB (or more) of RAM. Which also means you need to forget about macOS.

Thanks, that is a very heavy requirement…

Do you have plans deploy a native AS version?

What is “native AS”?

Apple Silicon. I assume current version will work with Rosetta 2 but a native version would be faster.

OK, I don’t know about such or have any plans about it either. But I guess if it is ARM CPU it will be pathetically slow compared to Intel architectures, even with native code. Based on comparisons on other ARM64 platforms.