Computer and remote cannot find Core anymore


My Roon Core is on a HP laptop; my local music is also stored on the laptop.
The laptop is connected to the audio system by USB (directly in a Cambridge Audio CXNV2). Pretty straightforward.

I use three remotes: an iPhone, a Macbook Pro, and a Windows tablet. Lately, and for a good while, all was working perfectly. Yesterday I had to shut down the laptop, which I had let running for a long while. Since I turned it back on, well: still can play music, but only in using the laptop itself as control. Neither one of my control units can find the Core anymore. Moreover, I found out that if I ask, on my laptop, the Roon software to «find Core», even the laptop does not find it. Please help me. FYI: I already checked the usual suspects re: virus barriers, etc. And I repeat: everything was working flawlessly until yesterday, until I shut down my laptop and restarted it. Please help me.

Hey @Jacques_Hardy,

It’s been too long and we’re so sorry for the delay.

We’d love to help out if this is still an issue. Would you please let us know if that’s the case?

Also, using this “form” to share details about your environment would help us very much.

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hi Rebecca. Thank you anyway for your reply; yes, it has been long… I finally found out that my antivirus (Avast) decided, all by itself it seems, to put itself in the «public computer» mode. I put it back in «private computer» mode and the problem was solved ! … I had not thought about that, because I never fiddle with my antivirus software… Thank you.