Concerts through Roon

Anyone been to a concert you first saw through Roon ?

I was muddling about trying to persuade Roon there was only one Pony Face (couldn’t) when I noticed some gigs in the concert section. No bio, review or ratings but the gig guide knew the band. And there was a gig this Friday in the next suburb. So I got three tickets before the local radio started advertising it and this Friday I will stop messing about with Roon and go Outside !

Good for you, you can’t beat good live music. It’s great to connect with the band and the best tool for assessing the ability of your hi fi to reproduce a performance. Not some sterile perfection.

With music like Pony Face (alt Rock, post Rock, I dunno …) the main thing I notice is the sheer visceral impact of the bass and the instantaneous transients of the drums.

I have 300 watt plate amps driving active bass in my speakers, but it’s never practicable to try and reproduce live volume.

I saw the last gig by The Clean in Australia in a local pub late last year and it was such a huge sound from a three piece. The bloke next to us had flown down from Sydney specially for the gig and couldn’t stop grinning.

I saw a concert for Opeth, clicked the link of Songkick and bought without checking… Got the tickets yesterday and it’s for a singer playing the same date and venue but a different hall… A singer that I really don’t think I’ll want to see.

It’s a Songkick thing I guess, the same happened on the site after I checked what went wrong.

I say go for it Paaj. Sometimes that kind of serendipity has amazing results.

I’ll google it first, maybe I remember it wrong :wink:

Anyway, I do like the upcoming concerts and have seen others that I’d like to go to. But I’ll double check this time :slight_smile:

Alright, here’s another concert I learned about through Roon. 21 November at the Village Green Hotel, just down the road from my girlfriend’s place ! Really looking forward to it. Here’s some clips of the lineup:

This guy turned his bedroom into a studio and stuck his music on YouTube, where Prince saw it and invited him to Paisley Park to jam. A music writer described him as a cross between Jimi Hendrix, Nile Rodgers and Prince. I smiled indulgently, then I watched Leavin’ it All Behind. Stopped smiling, jaw dropped.

Keep Me In Mind live at Meredith 2012 !
Down the Stairs new material.

The Rubens (headlining)
Lay it Down
Hoops new single

Edit: All three bands have albums in Tidal. I think the Rubens get a bio, but not for Harts or Saskwatch (yet !)


I like, thanks

Any chance of having Berliner Philharmoniker Digital Concert Hall and DSD Live Streaming from concerts as well?

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