Conditional application of upsampling

Does Roon have any plans to expand an album’s (or a track’s) metadata to include user selections of specific upsampling or parametric eq presets?

I have certain hi-res albums that I don’t want any upsampling applied. And I have plenty of redbook cd rips where upsampling may be beneficial.

Using Roon’s DSP features so far has been an incredible exploration. My problem is forgetting to activate or deactivate the upsampling depending on what I am listening to.

Roon’s Focus feature would be a great way to select which formats are subject to upsampling/EQ and which formats have DSP disabled.

Any plans to do this?


Select Custom in the upsampling menu, and you can choose upsampling per format.

You can’t select per Genre, or Artist, or Tag.

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Unfortunately when choosing upsampling of say only 44.1 you require some headroom management. Headroom management is global and automatically applies to all other sample rates and forces DSD to be converted to PCM.

So Tom’s request is legit, IMO. Album DSP presets would be a very very cool 1.4 feature.

Hey @AndersVinberg

Thank you for pointing me to this solution. :relaxed:

I should have found this before posting. :grimacing:

Would be nice to have more logic control. I’d like different eq for internet radio. But these things can get complicated fast.

I’m thinking the same thing. My library has gotten complicated as well over the last few years with the varying sample rates of hi-res/DSD files and sampler downloads. I’ve got a few Redbook rips that I don’t want upsampled or subject to any DSP.

You mentioned Internet Radio so there’s that. And I’ve got podcasts and audiobooks in there as well. (I just read where I could be more productive listening to podcasts at 2X speed. LOL. A DSP setting for 2X? I’ll let somebody else insist on that. :neutral_face:)

Right now though, I need to explore the Custom settings. Most of my listening has been at my desk so adjusting DSP settings isn’t a big deal. (Actually, it’s been a heckuva lot of fun.)

I’m not going to bring up how iTunes allows for Volume and Equalization settings on a per track basis.

Really, all good here. My 1.3 update experience has been glitch-free.

I think conditional upsamling will come one day.
Let’s just hope it includes HQPlayer’s filters :grinning:

Roon even want to, if they are allowed, to do conditional MAQ.
(For USB)

I would also like to disable headroom management to allow dsd64 as default but apply it to allow 44.1 to be upsampled.



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