Conditional upsampling for lossy content?


Ideally I’d like to be able to set an upsampling option for lossy sources (aac/mp3 files and radio) within the conditional upsampling options. The use case would be to allow upsampling of lossy content only, which I don’t think is possible at the moment? Happy to be proved wrong though :grinning: Thanks!

My Meridian endpoints update all files 44 to 88, 48 to 96. They also apodises and achieve wonderful results… I don’t have to do anything.

Well, I think any oversampling DAC will oversample internally, it’s just I’ve often found that I prefer the sound when Roon manages the upsampling for lossy files (only). I don’t know how things work with Meridian but assume they sound pretty impressive!

Yes, they do. I remember a friend commenting on how well Meridian seem to make even poorer sources sound good. He had noticed every time he listened to DAB radio and the like round mine.