Conditional Upsampling (or rather; DSP)

I’d like to see the option to upsample certain formats. Yes, i know, there are a few options already, but what i’m after is to upsample my low resolution files primarily, such as 320kbps MP3’s and AAC. At the same time i’d like to leave lossless content “as is”.

To my ears, lossy files benefit mostly from upsampling, but they are frowned upon by most of us here.
And quite correctly so, as most of them could be replaced by their streaming service equivalents, but there are quite often gaps in Tidal and Qobuz’s catalogues.

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As an alternative, why not batch convert all your low resolution files into FLACs of whatever upsampled resolution you wish?

An option, of course. But spending that storage space on lossy files feels awkward.
And the whole purpose of real time upsampling is, i suppose, to let us enjoy the best experience possible while not needing to convert or tamper with the original files.

Personally, I wouldn’t bother trying to upsample MP3’s. If anything, it would draw out the deficiencies of the MP3 more.

Understood, but storage is cheap. Those original lossy files are already compromised by virtue of being lossy, so under the circumstances, a one time batch convert will solve your problem and require no additions to the already long list of features waiting to be added to Roon.

While i do appreciate your input, i have no intent of debating lossy files. :wink:

And yes, i am well aware this is makeup on a pig, but sometimes a pretty sow is all a man needs! :slight_smile:

Many well respected audio manufacturers have developed various “enhancer filters” for lossy files, where some actually work very well, in polishing the rouhg edges of MP3 files. These are basically all various forms of upsampling and filtering. And Roon has already implemented all of this in the DSP.

It’s “just” a matter of making it possible to make DSP settings conditional to a Tag or a Format.

There are many more ways of using this of course, such as applying a bass limiter to EDM music for a specific zone or a parametriq equalizer setting for your Decca-recordings of the 60’s or whatever.

I’m seeing more and more use cases for this.
I still would like to see “Conditional DSP” where a certain set of DSP-setting could be applied when a trigger condition is met, such as file properties or Tags for that matter.

I have some early stereo recordings where the effect is really strange. Whole drum set in left speaker, someone singing in the right etc. Tag these recording with “Apply crossfeed” and connect with a DSP-profile.

Some thin early 80’s digital recording might need a boost in the bottom end. Tag these with “Warmth” and connect with a DSP-profile.

And of course, the scarse MP3’s where no better digital versions is available, let a certain DSP-profile be triggered by file format, say MP3, for upsampling these to 24/176.4 for smoothing the rough edge.

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Please close this, there are other threads requesting similar functionality.