Confidence level indication

I am spending several hours again with my collection in order to get my unidentified count lower and lower.

First off, I want to say congrats to the mechanism behind roon. In the beginning I was a bit shoked about my high number of unidentified albums, but as it turned out my collection was a bit of mess in places. And I thought I had a tidy collection :cold_sweat:. But still there are a lot of albums that are also not in allmusic, so this is something roon can’t help.

When I was doing this, I had an idea of something like a confidence percentage. Once you have chosen your release it will check if:

  • are all tracks there
  • do they all match
  • is the track grouping correct
  • are there corrupt tracks within this release
  • other suggestions???

This would only be accessible through Focus only, I would not like to see this in the artist or album overviews.

In this way you easily see the albums where you still need to groom some data.

There are a number of Focus criteria in Inspector that I use to find editing work; unidentified, album art, corrupt etc.

If you have albums that have been identified but the track order is not right (eg: Songs for the Deaf, where a hidden track isn’t ripped), then I’d suggest leaving them unidentified so you can find and fix them easily in 1.1.

Yes you can use the inspector (and this works), but you would do these steps individually. I know you can combine filters, maybe have to experiment with this.

The idea comes from another piece of software I used in the past for movies, which indicated by color and percentage the state of your metadata. In this way you could always see at a glance where there was some grooming to do.