Configurable main (hamburger) menu

Every new release seems to add more stuff to the main menu but not everyone needs all entries or is happy with the current ordering.

It would be nice if

  • one could choose any of the available browsers as default screen (instead of Overview) or take Overview out of the Discover section and make its contents configurable.
  • one could set the ordering of the sections (Browse/Library/Personal Stuff) in the menu.
  • one could order the entries in the sections to its likening.
  • one could disable unwanted entries in the sections.
  • the customizations apply to the users profile.
  • the customization settings could be synced automatically to all remotes connected to the current core.
    Note: This may need some tinkering because of the differences between landscape and portrait UI
  • one could have an easy to use option to reset the menu to default for the current user

+1 for this feature

In addition.

Don’t show Tidal or Qobuz if the user has not ‘linked’ an account.

Oh and make its background match the Theme.

I don’t have Tidal and/or Qobuz. There are no menu entries for them. If they show up for you, something is wrong with your setup. Have you already tried to reboot your core?



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Reboot did it…thanks

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I’d also love to see the ability to add some bookmarks to that space. Using tab as a shortcut key then clicking on an item (Such as favourite albums bookmark ) is so much quicker than cling on bookmarks then clicking of favourite albums bookmark

On full size remotes we have:

But as you can see in the picture from my previous post, this only gets me to My Live Radio (Tab 0). All entries below can’t be reached in that way because Tab 11, 12 and so on doesn’t work. And I don’t even have the additional menu entries that come with a Tidal and/or Qobuz subscription. :slightly_smiling_face:

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this is important to me too!!!

Another options for me would be on on/off option to show the menus as “tight” (spacing) or “smaller” (fonts).

I am frequently on a laptop running non-full screen and so it looks like this: