Configuration for System Output

Dear all,

I just start my first trial day of Roon and informations given about my library is quit interesting.
But I face to many problem to send data over my device. It’s seems that only AirPlay works (with 12/44 kHz only :frowning: )
Roon seems to be good, but I don’t want to pay to only hear in CD quality… :S. Let’s see hereunder my configuration and questions I have.

Thanks to all :slight_smile:

My devices are :

  1. 2 Gold Phantom’s & Dialog
  2. A sony TV Bravia (DNLA)
  3. A musiccast Yamaha WXC-50

I have a lot of Hi RES files on a NAS.

The only way I found to send data over 1. and 3. devices is Airplay. But Airplay support only low quality of bitrates…
==> How can I take advantage of my Hi RES files on these devices using Roon ?

On a second way, I want to send music to my TV which only support UPNP / DLNA.
==> How can I proceed ?

Roon does not use UPNP for very good reasons described fully in the ‘Knowledge Base’. You need Roon ready endpoints.
If AirPlay is limited to 16/44 resolution there is nothing Roon can do about this.
I’m no expert on this I’m sure others will chip in on this.

Optimally speaking, you need the Phantom manufacturer to adopt RoonReady status ( to harness anything greater than Airplay, without spending more money on a streaming appliance that is compatible with the full capabilities of Roon to wirelessly connect your speakers to the computer you are running Roon Core on.

You might want to check out the discussions here though, to see how others have surmounted this hurdle:

Hope it works out for you. Cheers.

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