Configurazione audio

Salutations. I have a Topping dac that I use connected to my windows pc via usb. Are there particular parameters or audio impotations that dvo settar on Roon to listen very well? Thank you. I don’t use anything else. only the Topping dac with pc and qobuz. Thank you.

I don’t do much with the Topping DACs I have. Set how you wish to control volume: DSP, Fixed or Device. Then any up sampling you may desire. Is Roon to take sole ownership of the audio device, if you use your PC for other things this setting may cause you issues. Find and install the Topping ASIO drivers. Download - TOPPING (
Their folder layout is the oddest I can recall seeing in a while, but self explanatory.

Play with it. Everyone here will have what sounds best to them . . . welcome to Roon, enjoy the journey.

Just ensure you set it so Roon has exclusive control in the audio settings section.