Configure Roon for Mytek Brooklyn DAC+

It has been asked earlier in this forum but I have never seen a clear answer. If you use a Roon tested DAC, in my case a Mytek Brooklybn DAC+. Does Roon automaticly configure itself in the right way when it identifies the DAC or do i have to do thar myself. I use Nucleus.


In my 2 main systems I have

A) Roon into a Linn Klimax DS/1 (streamer & DAC combined) end-point. In this case, because the Klimax DS/1 is ‘Roon enabled’, Roon is aware of the capabilities and limitations of the Klimax and configures itself to offer the highest possible format to the Klimax. For example it is aware that the Klimax does not support DSD, and so automatically converts DSD files to hi-res PCM before it delivers them to the Klimax.

B) Roon into a Sonore microRendu renderer/streamer into a Mytek Brooklyn+ DAC. Now the microRendu is ‘Roon Ready’ and supports DSD, and so Roon delivers DSD files unaltered to the Brooklyn+ via the microRendu. However, it interfaces with the microRendu and as far as I know Roon is not aware of the Brooklyn+

How do you intend to use Roon? Will you be streaming content over ethernet (local or external) or will you be connecting the Nucleus to your own music collection on a USB hard disk? If the former, then I would guess that Roon will ‘see’ your streamer/renderer but not be aware of the Brooklyn+. If the latter then I would expect Roon to be aware of the Brooklyn+ and its capabilities. However, I don’t use my Brooklyn DAC in this way so can’t be sure.