Configure Roon OS Core?

Wow, this is starting to get a bit silly. Please stop being so literal and arguing semantics. Just add a note that says “for Rock or Nucleus only”. Done. :sunglasses:

And what about for those users who don’t know what ROCK is?

The fact of the matter is RoonOS = ROCK / Nucleus but neither is totally explicit and some users won’t recognise either, so there is no entirely ‘user friendly’ option.

There are multiple Roon OS devices from other manufacturers in the works. There is already one that has existed even longer than Nucleus: Merging Technologies’ NADAC+PLAYER

I think it’d be better to remove the word Core.


Sounds good to me, thank you, sir. :sunglasses:

Hi Steven,

I came to this post as (having suffered a power cut yesterday) I was running through my Roon settings, I saw the Configure button, wondered what it was, used a search engine and found your post.

I am a living example of the benefit of more clarity being required. Thank you for raising the question.

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