Configure Roon OS devices stays on “Searching for Devices”

I have a couple of issues with my Roon Core running on QNAP:

  1. I’m unable to “Configure Roon OS devices” the UI stays on “Searching for Devices” and never comes back.

Roon Core running on QNAP, version 1.7.

  1. The actual reason why I have to go to that screen is because my BluOS Node 2i devices (have 2 of them) suddenly disappear and Roon stops playing music. The Node in question is working as a streamer and has both coax digital and analog outputs going into a Hegel H590 amp.

Any ideas on what’s causing this or how to fix?

Extra credit if you anybody can share when Hegel will make their amps Roon Ready.


Why do you want to go to that screen? What do you expect to see there?

You need a device running Roon OS (Nucleus(+) or ROCK based Roon Core) to be able to do so. If you installed Roon via the Package Manager you don’t have that. Your point 1. is then expected behavior.

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BTW, I forgot to mention that when the Node 2i Devices disappear, I have to restart them for them to show up under the Audio tab again. The BluOS app shows the Node2i fine and I’m still able to play music through their app. But Roon seems to have an issue with them.

You can’t restart your Node 2i devices from the Roon OS configuration page but you don’t have that page anyway (see above).

I’m not sure I follow your comments, Configure Roon OS Devices should at least show configuration options for the Roon Core device I’m running? If it isn’t supposed to show anything, proper UI design would dictate to have a message saying not applicable or there are no options to configure in this OS, not just leave me hanging there. Why have the option if it’s not supposed to show anything?

From my perspective I was just looking for options to Help troubleshoot the issue or to enable better logging or something that might help figure out what’s going on with the system and prevent issue #2 from happening.

@Blackjack, I appreciate the answers but I’m not trying to restart the Node 2i from Roon. I’m just trying to figure out why Roon is running into this issue and how to fix it. I shouldn’t have to reset devices for Roon to keep the connection alive and continue playing music

When you start a support thread you are asked to fill in the template with your system information it’s impossible to figure out what is wrong without it.

Your Roon Core is Linux on the QNAP not Roon OS - Roon OS only runs on ROCK and Nucleus installations

Grab 2020-06-05 at  15.45.44

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If you want to access your QNAP NAS:

What you can do there:

What you can do with the Roon App on your NAS:

In Roon open the menu and click on Support and you will see:


Choose the option you want.

While you’re here, waiting for an answer from official support, you can also use the search function (magnifying glass top right) to see if there already exist threads about this problem that provide a solution.

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Hi @Luis_Salazar,

The other users who commented here are correct - the “Configure Roon OS” section is only expected to show up when you’re running a ROCK or Nucleus Core, you have a QNAP Core in this case so it is expected that nothing shows up there.

As for the primary issue of the Nodes disappearing - how often does this occur? Once an hour? Once a day? Once a week? Does it occur immediately after starting playback or randomly when there is nothing playing?

What is your network setup like - please list the model/manufacturer of all your networking gear and specify how the QNAP and Nodes are connected (directly to router via Ethernet or through a switch/range extender/powerline adapter)?

Do you have multicast turned on in your router config?

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Thanks everybody for the replies and sorry for the delay responding.

I get that the “Configuration Roon OS” is not applicable in my case but my feedback stands: instead of spinning forever the UI should put out a message indicating “Not applicable, no Roon OS detected”.

For the main issue, I found a couple of Ethernet wires which were really old CAT5 wires and replaced those with newer CAT5E (I don’t get why all audio equipment comes with 5E instead of CAT6) and so far it seems to be working without issues.

I’ll keep monitoring but if you have any suggestions for good Ethernet wires it will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Luis_Salazar,

Glad to hear that replacing the old cables resolved this issue!

Thanks for the feedback here. Since this appears to be "working as designed" I would recommend also posting your suggestion in the Feature Request section of the site.

Our product team and developers keep a close eye on that category, so that’s definitely the best place to propose a change like this and get feedback from the Community.

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