Configure settings via ssh

The web configuration interface works, but it’s painfully slow, and so I’d like to configure the ropieee directly via ssh. I’ve already discovered that it’s possible to login via

ssh root@ropieee with password root.

Is the right file to edit /data/ropieee.conf, and if so, how to I force the device to re-read the configuration? Otherwise, what is the right approach?

Hi @mpf,

I won’t presume to speak for Harry @spockfish , but I would think direct editing is neither recommended nor officially supported.The web interface usually is quite responsive, and effective, so I wonder why your setup is slow? Assuming that you have done the usual networking troubleshooting steps, what part of the web interface is slow? Display? Committing the changes?

You might send feedback (the logs) to see if there is an obvious problem?


If you’re spending more than 5 minutes on web interface setup, something is wrong.

@Nathan_Wilkes The delay is slow when committing changes. However, testing again, I now see that it’s running well. I’m running the RoPieee’s over wifi, so perhaps I was observing a networking issue.

Network latency aside, I agree that ssh isn’t generally preferred. But I can see it would be useful in configuring multiple ropieees, since I could easily scp configuration files to the nodes (and presumably a subsequent command to effect the changes).

Perhaps this is more of a developer question, but I hope someone might point the way to an (unsupported) ssh solution.

Thanks for the help!