Configuring Automatic Backups on NAS

Roon Core: Innuos Zenith Mk III server
Backup Device: QNAP NAS TS253A

I’m having trouble creating the proper network share path for Roon scheduled backups. I’d like to use my QNap NAS for Roon backups. Additionally, I’m assuming that the user name and password requested by Roon software in that of the NAS. I can see the NAS on my network and access it through my Macbook.

I’ve found that the best way to do this is to use the IP of the NAS rather than the network name.

Yes, the NAS or appropriate directory on the NAS…

Hi @Anthony_Teehan,

I would second the suggestion of using the NAS IP address to connect to it. I would also ensure that the IP is set to be reserved in your router software (so it doesn’t change).

You will also need to place you login info (username/password) to be able to connect, this is the login for the NAS itself.

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