Configuring FiiO M11 local storage (SD Cards)

Roon Core Machine

Core on Windows 11, AMD 5950, 32 gig RAM, 12 TB disk, 2 TB SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

1.5 GB Ethernet, 200mbs Internet (StarLink)

Connected Audio Devices

Local Roon and JRiver, Remote Google Home, FiiO M11, Motorola Edge+

Number of Tracks in Library

approx 100,000 tracks

Description of Issue

I just installed Roon last night and have the core library setup with my local library and Qobuz. It’s playing fine on the devices I’ve had time to setup so far (Windows local and cast to devices such as Google Home works fine). However, I’m stuck on setting up my FiiO M11. I can control/play music from my core library but cannot play music from the local SD cards on the M11. Also, I enabled Squeezebox on the core & M11 but core setup is not finding the M11. I do not have any LMS services running unless some system is using LMS under a different name. I have JRiver installed but it’s using DLNA media server extensions on Windows. I disabled this in case but no change.

What do I need to do to play local files on my FiiO M11 in Roon and sync these files with the core library on Windows?

Hi @Dean_Kimball ,

Roon architecture requires all file processing to happen on the Roon Core before being sent to the audio endpoints. This means that for you to play local files from the Fiio, the file would need to reach the Roon Core somehow, and then be sent out via RAAT back to the Fiio. It would likely be simpler to have another copy of the music files directly on the Windows Core, add those files as a watched Roon directory, and then the Windows PC will have direct access to stream the files back to the Fiio. Hope this helps!

Yes, I understand that but it’s just not clear to me why a system with an otherwise highly sophisticated architecture didn’t take into account that mobile devices will be out of contact with the Roon core from time to time. Since so many people use mobile audio players and there are so many solutions to support disconnected devices ranging from simple fallback lists to distributed database systems that it doesn’t make sense. I just hope we see some solution for this at some point since it forces us to use something besides Roon right now.

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Hi @Dean_Kimball ,

Thanks for the feedback here. While it is not currently possible for Roon to play off of the SD card, this would make an excellent feature suggestion, I would suggest posting about this use-case there or look for an existing thread: Feature Suggestions - Roon Labs Community

The only current way to play music would be if the phone supported exposing a Samba share, and then the Core can fetch the content via SMB, though there may be a performance decrease due to the aspect I mentioned in the previous post.

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